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Infrastructure and Technology

Orinoquia is a company specialized in leadership and competition between the products that it manufactures and commercializes. These leadership and competition profiles are manifested in the following areas:

  • Research and Development of new commercial products
  • Development and industrial scaling of new technologies
  • Adaptation and improvement of existing technologies
  • Engineering and industrial scaling of teams and processes
  • Competitions in emulsions, suspensions and interfacial phenomena
  • Marketing, commercialization, sales and distribution of international products
  • Design, implementation and improvement of systems which guarantee quality
  • Implementation and following of policies to protect our environment

Our physical infrastructure is designed to efficiently run the following operations:

  • Reception, selection, and sanitary manipulation of inputs
  • Refrigerated storage of perishable products
  • Cooking, suspension, and emulsification of ingredients
  • Bottling, marking, packing, and storing finished products

The processing plant has the teams and instruments necessary to implement chemical controls and maintain a desired level of hygiene for the manufacturing of our products. At the same time, we maintain a contractual relationship with specialized laboratories, authorized by the MPPS, for the evaluation and periodic certification of processed products.