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Tasty and healthy
It bears the signature flavor to your table.


Alimentos Orinoquia is a Venezuelian company created in 2003 as an initiative driven toward the development of a healthy proposal that is both different and innovative, that can provide practical and healthy alternatives suited toward today’s consumers. Highlighting what is ours and our autonomy is the central idea behind creating, what was at first the creation of our dressings and sauces based on tropical fruits such as the parchita and the tamarind, the pineapple, the mango, and the peach, in order to create unique flavors, colors, aromas and textures . Later with the introduction of our products into Venezuelian markets the concept of vinaigrettes and sauces based on fruits began to bloom.

The development of our products was backed by the use of advanced technology in the realm of formation of emulsions and mixing, as well as, research being done in tandem with national universities; through the exchange of development of technology exchange programs. On the other hand, we have the involvement of members of the Venezuelian gastronomical world, which served as great support in the creation and promotion of this new generation of sauces.

Two years later in the year 2006, after the introduction of our first line of products, we finished the development of two new product lines: Our very own Orinoquian version on classic dressings and vinaigrettes such as honey and mustard, César, and traditional Italian, and the introduction of our Orinoquian light products with the introduction of our Light Parchita Vinaigrette.

Upon reaching our third year of commercial activity, Orinoquia finished its first physical expansion of our production line, which included new equipment to increase production and guarantee a greater level of efficiency and security with the handling of our products. Thanks to this growth, in the year 2008, we managed to reach one of our objectives in our business plan, with our first foray into the international market with our first shipment to Europe (Spain), after a very successful performance in an international food faire that year in the city of Barcelona.

In the year 2009, our international presence expanded with the introduction of our products into the Panamanian markets. We consolidated our distribution and commercialized our sauces and dressings all across the national territory through the main supermarket chains, specialty stores, and convenience stores among others.

In 2010 our newest project contemplated the acquisition of the latest machinery for packaging sauces in aluminum, sachet type envelopes for individual use. This proposal was very fitting for the time, for not only would the sachet envelopes provide a new level of flexibility to the consumer but it was much cheaper to access the product and thus certain segments of the population with less acquisitioned power can afford them. We hope to have nationalize this new product by the year 2011

We at Alimentos Orinoquia continue working with the same passion and optimism that we had since the very beginning, to continue serving our countries and communities with which we interact taking the inventive nature of Venezuelian cuisine to a whole new level.