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Tasty and healthy
It bears the signature flavor to your table.
Cesar Dressing
Cesar Dressing
Cesar Dressing is the perfect touch to enjoy a delicious salad. Cesar, with its naturally based ingredients: From our world class parmesan cheese to the incorporation of anchovies. Ready to go straight from the bottle! With its base of natural ingredients, from its world class parmesan cheese to the careful incorporation of natural anchovies, that give this product the perfect touch to enjoy a delicious César salad. Just add lettuce and croutons to your liking!
Vegetable oil, water, lemon juice, parmesan cheese, white vinegar, anchovy sauce.
- Packaged in individual 300c glass bottles, ready for shelving
- Packaged in individual 45g sachets
- Packaged in 3700cc plastic PET style for institutional service and catering
Glass Bottle Characteristics
- 300ml Capacity
- 12 units per case
- Recyclable bottle that holds the freshness in and is friendly toward the environment
- Elegant labeling with detailed nutritional information includes fat and sugar contents so that our consumers can make informed, smart decisions about their eating habits. Meets all of the requirements set forth by the FDA and the European Union.
- Secure lid with a shrinking seal that creates a trusting seal with our customers
- Has a shelf life of 18 months
Información Nutricional / Nutrition Facts
Tamaño de Ración / Serving Size 20g
Raciones / Servings 15
Cantidad por Ración / Amount per Serving
Calorías / Calories 120
Calorías de la Grasa / Calories from fat 110
%RID / %DV *  
Grasa Total / Total Fat 12 g
   Grasa Sat. / Sat. Fat 6 g
   Grasa Trans. / Trans. Fat 0 g
   Grasa Poliinsat. / Polyunsat. Fat 0 g
   Grasa Monoinsat./ Monounsat. Fat 6g
Colesterol / Cholesterol 0mg
Sodio / Sodium 160 mg
Carbohidratos Totales / Total Carbohydrate 3 g
   Fibra Dietaria / Dietary Fiber 0 g
   Azúcares / Sugars 1 g
Proteínas / Protein 0 g
*Requerimientos de Ingesta Diarios (RID) sobre la base de 2000 calorías, según Norma COVENIN 2952-1:1997, valores por debajo de 2% son reportados como cero./
Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2000 calorie diet, values below 2% are reported as zero.